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Revecka Kogan


HI I’M REVECKA, Riv or Riva, I was born somewhere, and then grew up. Along the way I went to a prestigious Fashion college in London where I learned about important things – Like student loans. Then I traveled to 35+ countries and loved every minute of it whilst polishing my love for photography and culture. Then I ended up where I am now. And this is where I do stuff I hope to continue doing for some time…until I move to NYC, where I hope to continue doing more cool stuff. I hope you enjoy my perception of Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong.
P.S. If you should have any questions at all, or want any of the above pictures in a different size, color or frame, let me know, I am open to most things.

Please contact me at reveckakogan@gmail.com for prints or any questions etc. Follow me @balticandbell on Instagram for more up to date travels and adventures.

Or alternatively call or text me, 360-220-8909.


April Claxton

“I first starting taking photos (in abundance) during the summer I spent in Alaska. No coincidence it’s also where I really began to appreciate hiking on my own and learning to slow down and just be in a place. I like to sit, stand, wander, explore and take the time to just be… then see what captures my eye and my senses about the place and do my best to capture that moment and that feeling in my photos.

Water droplets, rocks, leaves, trees through the fog, a petal on a flower, the pink highlight on a cloud – I like to get up close and focus on the simple beauty of the places I find myself. For me it’s often less about the image and more about the camera as my tool to slow down, look close and appreciate the magic of that specific place or day. I enjoy being creative with presentation and am often drawn to the beauty of wood. I took this opportunity to combine the two and had my photos printed directly on wood though WoodSnap, a US company with a priority on sustainability.”

Find more images and captured moments at: Myplaceintheworld.net


Jennifer Lindstorm

“This particular bird series is my most recent collection, which combines a bit of all my talents. Having painted interior design and murals for years, I am strongly influenced by the abstract texture of a faux finish or wall treatment, but I juxtapose that with a highly detailed image of a colorful bird, some realistic others not so much. These birds will not be found in nature, but are recognizable as having an earthly quality with a layer of fantasy.”

Amy March

“I am so very honored to share my work with you. If you would like to incorporate my style of art into your world, please contact me. I enjoy doing custom art that reflects who you are, and I can produce high quality prints of all of my featured art – sized to meet your needs and budget (from 8”x10” up to 2’x 3’).”

For more information, visit amym5000.wixsite.com/amyart or email Amy at amym5000@gmail.com

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