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Thank you to all those who have shared their experience at Joy of Pilates.

“Pilates is the only, and I mean only, exercise and strengthening program I have ever liked.  I have hated every other type that I have ever tried.  Your team at Joy has been helpful supportive and kind, on my very slow route to improved fitness.”
-Valerie Lawson

“I love this studio! Joy of Pilates has helped me make real gains towards my health and fitness goals. Last week I had a check up with my PT and she was really happy with how things are looking these days. I attribute all of this to the quality instructors and classes at Joy of Pilates. Plus, the vibe there is just happy. 

Amy Caramella

“Pilates has made me feel so much stronger than anything else I have tried. I love it. You are changing my life. P.S. My husband is really liking my confidence and new shoulder muscles!” –Brittany V.

“I have tried many different forms of exercise over the years, and nothing gives me the results I get from Pilates. The sessions are challenging and fun at the same time, and my body feels so much stronger and healthier when I go regularly. Ella does a great job of giving me a variety of different exercises with perfect cues that all work well for my body. I can’t recommend Pilates highly enough for anyone looking for a moderate workout that gives great results and simply makes you feel good about yourself.” – Elie Samuels

“I started at Joy of Pilates almost one year ago. I had recently retired from teaching and had gotten the results of my first bone density test that indicated I had osteopenia. I was looking for exercise that would help with building bone density. A friend told me about the ‘kind’ Pilates class and I began with that. Ella was so encouraging and supportive and the class was so welcoming that I began coming twice a week.

Later I tried more drop in classes and began Reformer class with Jen. I was hooked! I feel stronger, have more stamina, and even feel taller! I love that they are ‘picky’ and always make sure we are doing the exercises correctly. But it’s not just the Pilates that I love, it’s coming to this studio where everyone is warmly welcomed and challenged at their level. ” -Sarah Flowers

“Lesley does an amazing job of pushing me to the deepest edges of Pilates, making sure I work every muscle and every moment of every class. And she does so in the most upbeat manner! Lesley re-inspired my Pilates workouts.” – Ginger Oppenheimer

“I exercise because I want to get back in shape. I used to play a bunch of sports, but I quit because I wanted to focus on music in high school. Pilates is helping me to gain back the muscle I used to have. While getting in shape, I now have energy to focus on school work and still stay healthy. I love the environment at Joy. I wouldn’t choose to exercise anywhere else.” – Tasha Zuther (teen Reformee!)

“I exercise, first and foremost, because it feels good. I want to have a high quality of life, now and in the future, that allows me to go out and do the things I love – playing with my dog and the nephews, mountain biking, skiing/snowboarding, riding my motorcycle, sailboat racing, among other things. I do Pilates, specifically, because having a strong core allows me to sleep better, and it keeps my back healthy. It allows me the freedom to do what I want without having to worry about injuring myself.

Pilates also complements the Muay Thai kickboxing I do as everything starts from the core. Of course, exercise allows me to enjoy all of the wonderful beers out there without the guilt!“- Matt

“After the recent passing of my Mother I decided that I wanted to focus on staying healthy and fit in my senior years. Over the years I have tried almost every form of exercise there is and decided to give Pilates a try this time. I am so glad I did and am very grateful I chose Joy of Pilates. I already feel so much stronger and healthier than when I started; the hour passes so quickly, the fastest of the day. I am a Grandmother of 8 so I need to be in shape to keep up with them. Thank you Joy of Pilates for providing such a great environment to get healthy.”- Rhonda

“I love working out at Joy because of the great instructors – they make working out fun! Since starting Pilates over a year ago I feel like my body has been transformed. If I miss a week I feel unbalanced. I am addicted to Joy of Pilates!“- Carly R

“ I do Pilates because it allows me to take time to focus on myself. I get a wonderful workout and I can feel good that I am continually challenging myself to become stronger, more focused, and able to better perform the movements. I feel that Pilates will always push me to do better.” – Erin

“As I approach my 62nd year, I am so pleased that I can continue doing the activities that I love; mountain. biking, river rafting, tennis, etc. I owe much of this good health to my weekly Pilates class. Exercise for me is also a form of meditation, getting the cobwebs out and fresh new air in! Thanks ladies.” – Doreen

“I broke my shoulder last winter and going to Pilates 2x a week has helped me keep the range of motion and strength — and out of the Doctor’s office! I also really enjoy all the friends I’ve made in the Monday/ Thursday Gentle Pilates Classes.” – Susan

“I had my 65-yr-old wellness appointment with my family doctor last week. One of my test lab appointments is for bone density. My Doctor said to me during our wellness exam that now that I am in [this] age category a major thing to be working on is maintaining good balance and working on bone strength. She asked me what kinds of things I do for it and for general exercise. She was happy to hear I have been doing a weekly Pilates class and that I use balance tips received in class throughout the week. I felt like a STAR patient!” – Sandi

“The Joy of Pilates team is one great team.  You all have made me feel special and I have to pinch myself and realize that I am just an old lady, glad that I am able to move around with the wonderful ladies at Joy. Thanks again.” – Betty MacDonough

Do you have any suggestions/ideas for the studio? Please share them with us. We are always striving to make your experience the best. Email info@joyofpilates.net or call 360-224-1433