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Yasmeen Kabbani

Yasmeen Kabbani (Yaz) recently graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Sports Psychology and Sociology. She is TRX, NASM-CPT, Nutrition, Crossfit, and Reformer Certified! A gymnast for fourteen years and now a coach at North Coast Gymnastics Academy,

Yaz has taken her athletic abilities to help others ranging in age from child to adult in the fitness world. Through gymnastics, she has acquired the skills to train broad based general fitness for various body types and fitness levels. Working as a strength and conditioning coach for the high school gymnasts in Bellevue, a personal trainer, and group fitness instructor at Profitless Northwest, she has a strong understanding for overall general well-being.

Yasmeen has now applied her gymnastics knowledge towards Pilates. Her fitness philosophy is that every workout should be unique and specialized to fit the interest and goals of her clients. Yasmeen wants to live in a world where health is valued and fitness is FUN!

Email Yasmeen at madden.kabbani@gmail.com with questions or to schedule a private session.