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Patty Vezzetti

Patty Vezzetti

We are super excited to have Patty teaching at Joy of Pilates! She has been a certified group fitness instructor for more than 25 years and a Pilates Mat instructor for ten. Patty began teaching group fitness classes to improve her body strength for her cycling, snowboarding and other activities.

After having her second child at the age of 40, Patty found that Pilates helped her recover faster to get back into her daily routines as an active mom and wife. Through taking Pilates, she found quick results that made her want to help others reach their goals.

Patty teaches Tuesday evenings at Joy of Pilates, takes private appointments, and is part of our Sunday rotation.

“I love Patty’s classes! She has a wonderful way of challenging you while making sure that you stay within your personal physical limitations. I always feel simultaneously relaxes and invigorated after her classes! She is patient and supportive and always positive!” — Kaye H.

Email Patty at patty@joyofpilates.net with questions or to schedule a private session.

Patty Vezzetti doing side plank