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Matthew Peel

Matt uses his engineering and teaching background to create structured, challenging, yet enjoyable classes that aim to improve functional movements, empower participants, and promote a healthy lifestyle.Matthew Peel on cadillac

Fitness and sports have been lifelong passions for Matt. From tennis to triathlons and martial arts to yoga, he has always enjoyed the physical and mental challenge and benefit of fitness.

Matt is a NASM certified personal trainer, AFAA group fitness instructor, TRX qualified instructor, and a Better Bones and Balance Certified instructor. He has taught a variety of group classes that include Surfset, bootcamp, TRX, kettlebell, tabata, circuit, and stretch & strengthen. Matt is a trained Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor through BBU.

Matt with the Bellingham Roller Betties!

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“I had such a fun class at Joy of Pilates! As an athlete, some muscle or another always feels tight but the varied workout of mat, reformer and band exercises really worked out my whole body and I left feeling really energized. Our instructor Matt had great energy as well, and he was patient and kind with my questions.” 

– Emily Rose Mowrey w/ Bellingham Roller Betties

“Matt is one of those type of trainers you don’t come across very often.  A perfect balance of knowledge, motivation, being supportive, dedicated, all while maintaining a fun workout environment.  I had a long way to go when I started and he has helped me to modify exercises so I could get the most benefit and still exercise safely.  I always look forward to his classes.” 

– Kevin Jones

“Matt consistently provides a routine well-balanced between lower body, core, and upper body.  He also manages to always throw something into the mix to keep things interesting and fun.”

– Del McAlpine

“Matt is one of my favorite instructors of all time. His classes are challenging and give you a full body workout. I always leave his class feeling stronger than when I walked in and I’ve seen massive improvements in my strength and endurance. Matt always provides options for all fitness levels so you get a great workout based on your current abilities.”

– Dana Cummings

“Matt is amazing! Tony and I feel so grateful for his knowledge, and wisdom. Words really do not express how we appreciate Matt’s talent and expertise!

You have created a wonderful studio with the very BEST instructors!

– Suzet Bergeron