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Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones-SteinmetzLesley has been an instructor for more than fifteen years and a personal trainer for eight years.private Her passion for fitness started as soon as she was able to run! She started on her journey with Pilates just before her first son was born. She believed the rehab background of Pilates made a “perfect marriage” with both her group fitness training and her personal training background.

“I wanted to add to my repertoire of knowledge and offer the best to my clients. I see so many imbalances with clients, and with Pilates you cannot cheat. It creates the perfect balance to one’s fitness goals, including my own. I am excited to be part of Joy of Pilates, not only as an instructor but as a participant.”

In 2013 Lesley became a certified STOTT Pilates Mat Instructor and is currently a NFPT Certified Personal Trainer.

Email Lesley at lesley@joyofpilates.net with questions or to schedule a private session.

“Lesley does an amazing job of pushing me to the deepest edges of Pilates, making sure I work every muscle and every moment of every class. And she does so in the most upbeat manner! Lesley re-inspired my Pilates workouts.

– Ginger Oppenheimer

“Lesley is thorough in her explanations, demonstrations and working of the entire body in each class. You have great stretching and workouts of all muscle groups.”

– Amy Slonim