JEN McBEATH – Joy of Pilates
2130 Grant Street Bellingham - 360.224.1433


“I teach and practice Pilates for it’s foundations in core strength. I want every body to experience the power of a strong core not only in their sports but also in their daily lives.”

Jen McBeath is a Comprehensive BBU Pilates Instructor and TRX Personal Trainer. She has been teaching since 2007 to a variety of clients meeting them at their fitness level and helping them advance to their full potential.

Jen was first introduced to Pilates during a Mommy & Me postnatal class in 2006. She found it helped immensely with her chronic back and hip pain. She completed her Pilates instructor training in Bellingham through Balanced Body University (BBU).and has made Pilates her career focus.

Jen’s comprehensive certification for all Pilates equipment includes Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Ladder barrel, Step barrel and small props. Her continuing Ed has been specialized in Pilates for men, athletes of all ages, and teens.

In her spare time Jen enjoys creating healthy organic meals for her family, hiking, and camping the beautiful PNW.

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Email Jen at with questions or to schedule a private session.

“Wow! Jen’s class is a great break for my day—wakes up those places that are asleep in my body—better than dessert!”

– Eileen G.

“I love reformer class with Jen.  I feel stronger, have more stamina, and even feel taller! I love that she is “picky” and always make sure we are doing the exercises correctly. But it’s not just the Pilates that I love, it’s coming to this studio where everyone is warmly welcomed and challenged at their level. ”

– Sarah Flowers

“Jen makes workouts fun and I always look forward to class with her. Jen has a watchful eye and insists on correct posture and pushes you to reach your personal best. I’ve noticed a difference in strength over the years. Exercises that were once challenging are now done with ease.”

– Brigitte

“Jen infuses her classes with creativity and variety that always keeps her classes fresh and exciting.”

– Loretta Sandoval

“I loved the session with Jen. She’s very personable, easy to work with and makes you feel at ease even when you don’t exactly know what your doing – haha. I got a great workout for my body. Looking forward to not being sore but stronger as time goes on!”

– Tanya Bailey