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Jaime Monsef

“Her goal is to leave her clients feeling invigorated, centered and ready to face the challenges of life with renewed strength and confidence.”

Jaime Monsef is a dance teacher and Total Barre™ Qualified Instructor who is fully certified in the STOTT Pilates® method. She has continued her Pilates education by attending workshops on osteoporosis, pre- and post-natal Pilates, scoliosis, and other areas. She was first introduced to Pilates through her dance training, and she immediately recognized how it would benefit her core stability and strength.

Jaime has taught Pilates with Core Physical Therapy (now Core Physio), Northwest Ballet, Esteem Pilates, Joy of Pilates and the Bellingham Athletic Club. She received her BFA in Dance through Western Washington University, where she taught beginning ballet. Jaime was a member of the Bellingham Repertory Dance Company and was Ballet Mistress for Northwest Ballet Theatre in Bellingham, WA. She was presented with the Merit Award from the Spokane Music and Dance Festival and is a two-time recipient of the Monica Gutchow Scholarship from WWU.

Jaime strives to educate her clients on how to move freely, with precision and a deep sense of awareness. She has a calm and gentle approach to her teaching, while providing her clients with a thoroughly challenging workout. She is excited to be teaching again after taking some time off to be a full-time mommy to her very active 5- and 8-year-old boys.

Email Jaime at jaime@joyofpilates.net with questions or to schedule a private session.

“I really like Joy of Pilates, and I am very much enjoying my sessions with Jaime and love our time together. I am encouraged about getting stronger. Jaime gives great direction and is a wealth of knowledge. She has patience and is so good at providing instruction to follow good form. She has also provided me with wonderful handouts with directions to the exercises that are very helpful since I am trying to practice on my own.”

Lori B.

“On January 14, I broke both bones in my ankle (while standing still with my bicycle on the sidewalk, which has led to MUCH teasing). A broken ankle is definitely not fun, but I’m healing very quickly according to my physical therapist. One MAJOR factor, along with excellent medical care, has been core muscle strength and balance from my Pilates classes. All those planks and half-roll-downs paid off big time when I had to balance on one leg, reach down from my knee scooter, or shift from bed to walker to chair. Jaime even came to me during the month that I was housebound, to cheer me up and keep me going. And when I could get back to the studio, I got lots of modifications so I could get back in shape as soon as possible. Thanks, Pilates!”

Lee S.

“Jaime is a blessing to work with. Getting back into my body after an injury that really changed my life is Big (oh yeah, and physically new!), so such positivity was beyond appreciated.”

Ann -V.

” Jaime Monsef is simply, an outstanding teacher, and is incredibly knowledgeable. She is excellent at explaining things, and very gentle, patient and encouraging in her teaching approach. If you do a movement particularly well, she is sure to let you know, which makes you feel accomplished and a little bit proud of yourself…so important for beginners.