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Ella Barney, Studio Director, Joy of Pilates“My goal is to bring health and happiness to my clients and help them reach their fitness goals.”

JOP Owner and Senior STOTT Pilates Instructor, Ella Barney, has assembled a team of professional trainers who bring both an educated and experienced level of knowledge for fitness, health, exercise, and physiology. Each team member is dedicated to helping clients achieve their overall fitness and health goals.

Ella has been actively involved in the fitness/health arena since teaching fitness classes at UCLA in 1994. Following graduation, she served overseas as a captain in the U.S. Army. After her military service, she attended Whatcom Community College and became a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). Ella spent five years working both inpatient and outpatient care — invaluable experience working with all levels of patient care. Because of her passion for health and well-being, she studied Pilates and was certified as a STOTT Pilates® instructor in 2003.

More recently she continued her training to become a TRX trained Instructor and certified Better Bones and Balance Instructor thru University of Oregon 2018.

Based on her personal experience, she is a true believer in core work as a means to rehabilitate injuries to excellent cross training for athletes and EVERYONE to feel their best!She has worked with all levels from post-rehab to athletes.

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Email Ella at ella@joyofpilates.net with questions or to schedule a private session.

“I love being part of JOP. They make it a very welcoming place.
My husband has attended the Gentle OsteoPilates classes with me for almost a year. The instructors give us personal attention to ensure we do the movements correctly. They take into consideration any physical limitations we might have. When my husband had a bout with sciatica, he began physical therapy to ease the pain and learn exercises which would lessen his symptoms. What he found was that many of these exercises involved the same or similar movements that he had learned in the OsteoPilates class. This reinforced for both of us how continuing to attend the classes at Joy is so valuable to our health and well-being.”

– Lynn M.

They absolutely know what they are doing, they always have your best interest in mind, they have programs for every need and ability, they are community driven, and they somehow make it all fun. Love coming to this place.

– Matt W.

“Pilates reconnected my body after I had my babies. I am stronger now than ever, and I credit Ella and her vast knowledge of the body to making me ‘me’ again. Thanks, Ella!”

– Beth B.

“I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the studio. You have such great staff, clients and a lovely space! You have done just an excellent job with Joy, and I am super thankful and happy to be a part of it!”

– Brenda M.

“A big shout out to Joy of Pilates & all the awesome instructors there! For those of you in the Bham area that have any interest in health, wellness, & physical fitness, I strongly recommend trying this studio. The energy, physical environment, & clients are second to none. Ella Barney, the owner & an instructor, has done a beautiful job turning her vision into a reality. This is a place for for all ages & skill levels. I’m so grateful to have a place like this to help keep my mind, body, & spirit strong & healthy.”

– Heather D.