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Charlotte Stickles is a dance artist and Pilates instructor who is passionate about the moving body. Charlotte first found Pilates as a supplement to her dance training, and was amazed by how much control and nuance it added to her movement. After training as a student at Manhattan Youth Ballet, she graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Dance and Distinction in Artistic Research. In addition to receiving academic funding to choreograph, conduct research, and perform internationally, Charlotte developed an interest in somatics and mind-body connectivity. She studied Bartenieff fundamentals, Labanotation, Alexander technique, kinesiology, and movement improvisation.

What Charlotte loves about teaching pilates and movement is the ability to help people tune into the autonomy, strength, and power of their own bodies. In class, she aims to help people center themselves in the present moment, and empower them for the future.

Charlotte has performed in numerous venues in the U.S. and abroad in Salvador, Brazil. She has attended national dance festivals and written articles for organizations like Dance Exchange in Washington, D.C.

Charlotte is currently undergoing her comprehensive pilates certification under Balanced Body® and loves helping clients develop new strength and movement pathways. She also teaches dance and improvisation in Bellingham.

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“Charlotte’s classes are both fun and challenging! She has a calming demeanor and gives very helpful and specific cues that really help you zero in on the exercises to get the most out of them. I like the way she breaks down the mat exercises into precise steps that really target muscle groups and challenge you, while still offering modifications for people at different levels. I hope she teaches more classes!”

– Kaye Huck

“Charlotte is an absolute delight.  She explains things really nicely using great visual images and metaphors that really help me understand what she means.  She is great at supporting the movements with appropriate hands on to help me feel what I should be doing.  Recommend her with no reservations.  And she has a great sense of humor.”

– Ruth Balf

“I am so impressed with Charlotte’s skills as a teacher. She seems to have the most incredible talent for understanding where her students are and the exact cues and instruction that they need, despite how many people are there or the varying levels that make up a group class. The detailed instructions and reminders are so helpful. She also creates a very calm and completely accepting and open atmosphere in the class. I never feel pushed to do more than I am comfortable doing, but I’m always given the option to challenge myself if that’s where I am that day, and I am able to. It’s just perfect. Thank you, Joy of Pilates for bringing such a top notch teacher to the studio!”

– Darcy Riggins-Schmidt

“Charlotte Stickles is a truly gifted personal Pilates instructor! She loves to work thoughtfully and collaboratively to explore alignment and movement patterns towards creating healthier and more joyful movement! What a difference she has made in my physical well-being!”

– Lori R.