Laura Tulett – Joy of Pilates
2130 Grant Street Bellingham - 360.224.1433

Laura Tulett

Laura has always had a strong passion for sports and fitness. She loves to share the knowledge of the physical and mental benefits from fitness. Laura enjoys soccer, tennis, completing triathlons, and many snow sports. She started volunteering teaching floor and step aerobics when her daughters were young, 20 years ago. She continued to add to the type of group classes over the years. Weight strengthening and stretching, yoga, fitness kickboxing, a 12 week boot camp including nutrition guidance, Zumba, kettle bell and circuit training. With Laura’s professional career in software development, analytics, and training experience helps her to bring structured, fun, and challenging classes that help participants to improve their physical and mental health.

Laura has been a Lean and Fit Bootcamp Certified, Fitness Kickboxing certified through martial arts school, certified personal trainer through Expert Rating, Zumba Certified, and currently a TRX qualified instructor.

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Email Laura at with questions or to schedule a private session.