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Brenda Mitchell, PTA

Brenda Mitchell, Pilates instructor at Joy of PilatesBrenda has extensive experience teaching all levels and class types. She enjoys the variety that Pilates offers those pursuing healthy, strong bodies!

Brenda Mitchell is a native of the Northwest with a 20-year background in physical therapy. She has worked in post rehab, outpatient, women’s health and Pilates-based rehab, and she is currently practicing home health.

Brenda owned and operated NW Pilates and BodyWorks Studio in beautiful Fairhaven from 2003 to 2005, specializing in private instruction.

She became certified for STOTT Pilates® for Full Studio (all equipment) in 2003.

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“Brenda is fabulous! She is joyful, absolutely knows her stuff and it’s never the same routine. She gives great cues and helps you understand why!”

– Jeff H.

“Brenda makes class fun, interesting and informative. She is very caring, ensuring correct posture and positions, and knows how to make adaptive moves for someone (me) who is rehabbing a shoulder injury. That one hour with Brenda FLIES by! She is a Pilates rock star!”

Anne K.