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Class Descriptions


At Joy of Pilates, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels, and our small class sizes allow instructors to focus on your personal needs and goals. Our classes change, so please go to our online scheduler or our website calendar for current classes and schedules.

We exclusively use STOTT and BBU Pilates equipment, originally designed by Joseph Pilates himself, to ensure that our work is being done as it was intended. We believe strongly in upholding the highest quality standards for our industry. All Joy instructors have completed intensive Pilates training programs that require a minimum of 100 hours of apprenticeship and 60 hours of classroom education in addition to years of teaching experience. Joy Reformer instructors are passionate about teaching and helping their students build lifelong fitness habits.

Reformer Series Class Descriptions

Mindful: Ideal for beginners and those who want a safe and effective class experience to build a solid Pilates foundation. Focus on form, balance and alignment to help you master the Pilates fundamentals, so that you can get the most out of your workout. This class is ideal for those new to Reformer work and is easily modified for those with physical limitations. Leave feeling stronger, stretched and taller!

Essential: This next level up from the Mindful series which allows you to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility. Continue to build your practice with more complex movements and use of equipment. Start exploring more precise and dynamic exercises. Class tempo is moderate and focuses on a steady class flow. Intermediate exercises and coordinated movements are introduced with modifications and progressions to give students a more challenging workout.

Intermediate: The Intermediate Reformer classes will further your strength & ability with more challenging exercises. A flowing workout for clients who have progressed to intermediate level work with endless exercises! An inspiring and uplifting class that will fully challenge the body and mind. This moderate to fast paced class incorporates quick transitions and will introduce you to more advanced exercises and use of the apparatus. Increased repetition, complex coordination, balance, and resistance create a dynamic challenge that will elevate your Pilates practice. Excellent cross-training for athletes!

Advanced/Power: The Advanced Reformer series challenge you to to further your ability in more demanding exercises. Our most advanced class and perfect for once you have mastered form and alignment. A flowing workout for clients who have progressed to Advanced level work with endless exercises. Excellent cross-training for athletes!

CardioJump: Adding a Jumpboard to our Reformers brings additional cardio benefits and plyometrics to Dynamic Pilates. The additional upper body exercises, along with the range of movement and control required, will challenge your muscles, body awareness and core control.

TRX & FIT Club Class Descriptions

TRX EXtreme: This fantastic strength building challenge class blends the TRX suspension workout with resistance training using a mix of weights, medicine balls and body weight. This advanced class is great for athletes and those who want a challenge.

Fit Club: Fit Club is a fast-moving cardio and strength training mix. We incorporate Tabata method, TRX, small free weights and Pilates. Fun upbeat music to keep you energized. Be ready for a hard workout and sweat. With our “work at your own level” approach, this is a fun energizing group class for everyone. Join the Club! Transform your body! GET STRONG & Feel AMAZING!

* Please consult with studio before joining TRX classes. Indoor shoes recommended.