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Reformer Series

*NOTE* We do not offer open Reformer classes for first-timers.

To participate in a Reformer class you need a Private orientation or Instructor approval.

Danielle teaching a Reformer class on Saturday morning.

The Reformer provides finely-tuned exercise resistance that allows you to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility using STOTT Pilates pieces of equipment. At Joy of Pilates, we limit class size so each student gets quality attention and focus. One Private session is required before joining a Reformer Series. Please contact our studio for more details.

Reformer/TRX Make-up Policy:

Clients get up to 2 make-ups per series per month. Clients have 30 days to complete make-up before or after the missed class, and in the appropriate class level. Reformer or Mat classes can be applied. Make-ups must be scheduled with the studio.

How to Get Started:

Step 1:

Find the best opening for you

Step 2:

Schedule the class online

Step 3:

Get a Membership for the best results

Other Exercise Options:

Mat Classes  |  Private Instruction & Duet Sessions  |  Ultimate Membership


Sharing the love
“I love my reformer class and look forward to it every week. It has made me a much stronger, more fit and more centered person. I love that I get to learn anatomy along with different Pilates movements every week. I credit this class with helping me regain my strength and confidence after having plantar fasciitis for nine months from a running injury. I am also thankful for what it has done for my running. Thank you, Joy of Pilates, for all that you have done for me!”- Stephanie W.


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