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Private Instruction & Duet Sessions

Private Instruction

Private sessions are ideal if you are new to Pilates, are recovering from injury, or have specific fitness goals. One-on-one training sessions are extremely effective and focus completely on your situation and personal goals. Private sessions are made by appointment only with your desired trainer. Your trainer will create a personal workout for your specific needs.

One private session is required before signing up for reformer classes.

Together you will look at posture, body composition, lifestyle and general movement habits to build a custom session for optimum results! To make your first appointment for private instruction, call our studio at 360.224.1433, sign up online or email us at

Duet Sessions

Duet Pilates (2-person training) is so much fun and a great way to stay committed to a regular workout schedule because your friend will be counting on you! Reap the benefits of private Pilates training with the motivation that comes from training with an exercise partner at a discounted price.

Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule every week and have similar physical abilities/goals. If you are new to Pilates, we recommend attending a couple of private Pilates sessions prior to teaming up for Duet Pilates training.

Family Duets

Exercising together is such a fantastic way to exercise and spend quality time with people you love! We call it a “Health Date!” Spouses, Moms & Daughters, whole families we love teaching you. We have special rates for Families.


Sharing the Love…

“I want to say what a wonderful Pilates studio you have in every way. We can not imagine ever finding another studio we like as well. Each of your Instructors, have many special talents and appealing instructor qualities. The combination is superb! And the studio’s welcoming and warm demeanor sets the tone and atmosphere in every way.”

– Amy and Lael S. (Mom/Daughter)

“Exercise is a way of life for me. I appreciate it not only for the health benefits, but also because of the way it makes me feel. I love to see the results from my hard work and also reap the benefits of being active. From practicing Pilates, I have learned so much about myself, my strengths and my abilities. I credit the knowledgeable instructors for all that I’ve been taught and look forward to each week not only because of the warm and friendly environment, but also because I know that I’ll be challenged in a different way every time I attend, with the results of a stronger, healthier and happier me.”

— Brandi


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