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Mat Classes

*NOTE* We do not offer open Mat classes for first-timers.

To participate in a Mat class you need a Private Orientation or Instructor approval.

Joy of Pilates offers a variety of Mat group classes for all fitness levels. Our small class sizes allow the instructors to focus on your personal needs and goals. Visit our Class Descriptions page to see our full range of classes.

If you are new to Pilates, you must take one session of private Instruction before you can attend any of our group classes.

How to Get Started:

Step 1:

Find the best opening for you

Step 2:

Schedule the class online

Step 3:

Get a Membership for the best results

Other Exercise Options:

Reformer Series  |  Private Instruction & Duet Sessions  |  Ultimate Membership

Sharing the love

“I exercise because it makes me feel good. Coming to Pilates class a couple of times a week makes my body stronger and my mind calmer. I am better able to do my job teaching kindergartners and play with my family. Why do I do Pilates? After back surgery last spring, I needed to find exercise which would be safe for my back and strengthen my core. Attention to form and posture are central to all of the exercises. Why do I do Pilates at Joy? The teachers are amazing and class is fun! I love working hard and safely in every class! So many benefits, why wouldn’t I do Pilates?”

— Jen M.