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Kayla Blier

My name is Kayla Blier and I’ve lived in Whatcom County since the year 2000. I graduated from Whatcom Community College in 2013 with an Associate’s degree in Science and Massage. I’ve been working as a Licensed Massage Therapist since then and am excited to finally start up my private practice, Lupine Fitness and Massage.

Continuing my education has led me to pursue personal fitness training, and I’m expected to become certified when I graduate from Bellingham Technical College, in June this year.

My passion for wellness has paved the road for my career choices and I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Ella and Joy of Pilates, to continue helping others feel and look their best!

My motto is “A body well loved, creates a life well lived” and I hope that as my clientele grows, the Bellingham community can create a life well lived through my practice. Outside of my business endeavors, I am fulfilled by spending time with my family and friends, exploring the outdoors, reading, cooking, and of course exercising!