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Bob Silverman, L.M.P.

Bob Silverman Muscle imbalance is a huge factor in how we function day to day and massage can help correct the imbalances. When our bodies are out of balance it effects our minds and eventually our spirit or the way we are present in life.

Massage also works best when muscles are massaged regularly, so they can remember what their resting length is. Because muscles have memory stored in their cells that tell them how far and how fast they can stretch, a therapist can help to reeducate the muscles leading to your comfort.

My approach to massage is consistent with what you have just read and that is why I offer both relaxation and body balancing massage using Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial work and neuromuscular techniques in my massage that tailors the session to your needs. A relaxed body, mind and spirit is my passionate goal in each session.

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